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Quality Control department services

 Quality Control department services

Quality Control

Recognizing the need for constant process and product quality, the independent Quality Control Department applies strict quality controls on products and on all stages of the production process.The Quality Control Department performs the following inspections:

  • Dimensional inspection
  • Mechanical Properties Testing (Hardness)
  • Dye penetrant inspection
  • The Quality Control department owns a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), shadowgraph, stable and portable hardness tester, Surface Roughness Tester, and detecting surface cracks using dye-penetrant etc.


  • ISO 9001:2015

         The processes of the production are certified under ISO 9001:2015. JordanAMCO applies a quality management 
         system for the following scope “Produce Parts / Components using high precision CNC machines for general and
         industrial applications”

  • Calibration

         All quality control devices are being calibrated in regular time intervals according to the quality management system
         that JordanAMCO applies aiming to reliable operation.