Training Centre


JordanAMCO is a firm believes in fostering the development of human resources and capabilities as part of our ongoing progress.

Jordan Advanced Machining Company invests in professional development and training through the Human Resources division. The division aims at refining and upgrading the skills and qualifications of its staff.  This also includes developing positive behavioral and interaction skills within staff members in the aim of enabling each employee to become more productive in the workplace.

JordanAMCO adopts the highest standards of training and development with cutting edge scientific methods.  Its mission is to promote professional training of individuals in digital CNC programming of machines to support institutions locally and regionally with practical and technical expertise.

The company has in-house training facilities which are equipped with the latest technical equipment in order to keep up with the pace of development in this sector, through its training centre of the digital CNC programming of machines, advanced methods in precision industries have been used, and the maintenance of computerized lathe machines.


The training includes different objectives. These objectives are articulated in four different training levels. These levels are the following:

1.   Digital Programming of control machines CNC/start-ups
2.   Digital Programming of control machines CNC/advanced
3.   Digital Programming of control machines CNC/trainers
4.   Maintenance and renovation of CNC machines

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