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The main sector of JordanAMCO is the military industrial applications, which support the armed and security Jordanian forces along with the regional and international countries, through producing different types of race ring, track-shoes, picatinny rail and maintenance, in addition to other parts depending on the customer’s needs and requirements .

Following we will show some of these solutions in details.


JordanAMCO’s heavy duty Manual Steel Ring Mount is designed to carry different types of Heavy Machine Guns (HMG).

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Gear Assisted Ring Mount (High Ratio)

JordanAMCO’s heavy duty High Ratio Geared Assissted Ring Mount (low speed), is designed to carry different types of  Machine Guns and copulas with a capability of handling weight up to 500kg.
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Motorized Ring Mount

The high-performance motorised ring mount is powered with 24V/DC, 12V/DC or 220V/AC.

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Weapon Mount - Hard

Multi-calibre Hard gun mount designed to carry different weapons
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Weapon Mount - Soft

Multi-calibre soft gun mount with a shock-absorbing feature, designed to support different weapon types .

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Swing Arm

JordanAMCO’s Swing Arm is a double-articulated arm that incorporates an integrated travel lock; friction locks and improved lanyards for its Quick-Release Pins.

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Pedestal Mount

A fixed, rotating gun pedestal mount that operates using a manual hydraulic system

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Picatinny Rail

Picatinny Rail for M60 and M60E3 Machine Guns with a weight of 370gm
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Track shoes

Track shoes for military vehicles

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